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Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

With Tesla leading the way, Electric Vehicles are the hottest trend in the vehicle market in decades.  Their efficiency, increasing range, and jaw-dropping technology are sure to intrigue masses of buyers, but there are some things to consider prior to sprinting into your local dealership and taking delivery of that shiny new silent hot rod.  This is where EVCS PLUS is your ally.


Charging your new beast requires a bit of electrical system infrastructure not commonly found in an existing home.  Sure, you can fuel up those batteries with the cute little travel cord they provide from any old outlet, but let's be honest, your clothes will likely go out of style before you have maximum range. 


In order for you to use your new EV the way you’d hope, you’ll need a high power charging station, ready to send some substantial juice.  This is known as a Level II Charging Station.  A Level II Charging Station is capable of providing up to 40miles of range per charging hour, the result may vary by vehicle.  Adding a Level II system requires a good bit of electric, similar to the output of an electric range.  Outside of the Tesla Model S or Model X, the remaining EV market will benefit most from a Level II Charging Station.  - Little secret, we have a Level II Charging Station behind our office, free for use for our clients.


For Tesla Model S or Model X’ers, you can utilize even high power charging from a Tesla proprietary Wall Connector, providing up to 65miles of range per hour.  This will require a substantial bit of electric availability, similar in size to run some smaller homes in their entirety. A professional consultation with your local Tesla Certified Electrician is recommended before purchasing your new ride.  Some homes will require an electrical service upgrade to handle the added power requirements, and provide a pleasurable vehicle ownership experience.

                               carries certifications with Tesla and ChargePoint charging systems, with EV charging solutions covering the entire EV market.  To learn more or to schedule your free EV system design consultation, give us a shout at 917.722.6277 or

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